Back Beefing? Joseline Roasts Stevie J. For Wanting Mrs. Right After Having “A Thousand P*Ssies”

Joseline Roasts Stevie J.

Stevie J has DEFINITELY had his share of women. Just from what we know, he likes them in all different flavors and has a lot of back child support to prove it. Now, the migrant southern player says he’s ready to shake that image and settle down with the right one…

He tweeted “Ready for a wife”, over the weekend.

But, ‘not so fast’ says his ex-girlfriend Joseline aka Puerto Rican fury. She claims Stevie already has enough p*ssy experience, maybe he likes boy poon?

We thought these two were cool…maybe she’s just joking on him and his gets her sense of funny? Just last month, the two were amicable, working out a child support agreement when it came to precious Bonnie Bella. HE pays a grand total of $1,000 a month for their baby.

Do you think they’re still beefing?

Anywho, Stevie says he’s ready to be an honest man. Anyone ready to take him up on that offer???

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