Talib Kweli has canceled a Kansas City show due to the venue also booking a known racist group. The band in question is Taake.

Music enthusiasts have not forgotten a regrettable event in which the Taake frontman wore a swastika emblazoned shirt in concert. This alone makes them an odd entry for a more generalized music venue or festival.

“My position is that the venue should not want to host that band whether the band canceled or not, and should issue an apology for even booking the band. The response I received was that the venue did not want to choose sides between a band that sympathizes with racism and bigotry and me. I think it’s time to choose a side. I find it appalling that the Riot Room refuses to apologize for booking this band. I wouldn’t feel safe bringing my team, family, and fans into a venue that is sympathetic to white nationalism, so I’ve canceled the show. It’s a shame because I was really looking forward to performing in Kansas City”.

[via Pitchfork]